Mexico Auto Insurance Claims

Claims are settled in U.S. dollars, and based upon U.S. repair rates. Repairs may be completed in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.

VERY IMPORTANT: ALL claims must be reported to the Mexican Insurance Company and the Mexican Authorities WHILE IN MEXICO, BEFORE LEAVING MEXICO AND RETURNING TO THE USA.

Amigo Mex Insurance

In Mexico:
01 (800) 00-113-00 from a Mexico-based land line.
01 (55) 5488-4723 from a Mexico-based land line
+52 (55) 5488-4723 from a US-based phone line

From the USA:


In Mexico:
Claims: 01 800 801 0117
Calling from any US phone line:

From the USA:
Claims: 011 52 (81) 81 22 2214
Follow up: 1 844 804 9288

NO claims will be considered if these two requirements are not done.


Please check the General Conditions for additional information